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My goal is to use my old Ariens ( Frankenstein on steroids ) with pipe for the first few snows to help get the frost in the ground and help get the base the way I want it. Then use my newer Ariens 28" and my 68 simplicity with a 40" (repowered from 7 hp to 18hp) to blow for the main part of winter, I am not worried about it riding up a little as my deluxe does that with just the blade. And as well use it by the road where the salt slush gets deposited all winter, here they dont plow per say they leave the blade up a little and scuff a 60 mph and dump salt like they all own stock in Mortons. Then the road has 3+ inches of grease slop that the afternoon shift comes through and tries to throw at 60mph and this is a class A road. Yes I live in the heavy snow belt where even the Lake effect can dump here and not 2 miles North or South and can and has done it everyday if conditions are right. I had a old MTD 26" blower in the early 80s that threw dirt like a ditch witch so I took the wheel adjusters off of a dinosaur push mower, welded a plate to bolt the skids to and put them on the bucket and had flat of the shoe under the blade, with no effort I could adjust skid from 0" to 2" and yes that did work for very quick no tool adjustments, however without frost in the ground the shoes would plow little furrows the the next time you blew made for a fun time if the raised dirt was frozen. Many times I have drug a 4'x4' poly sled with weight just to keep it all flat. Anyway for me it it worth trying the pipe and seeing if it works here in my sand , gravel, sod, etc. We just measured all the runs that are snow blown the longest 500+Ft all total sq, ft. to all buildings comes in at 29450.sq. ft. I use to plow 80% of that and blow the rest. My wife loves to snow blow and she will be out there before light if given the chance, says now she has a winter workout for fun I feel like and old sailor when I step out the door and say Thar she Blows!
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