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Showcase cover image for 1971 Ariens SnoThro 10000 Series 7/24 with taller

General Information

Ariens Sno-Thro
10000 series 7/24 Trac Team
Orange and white
7 horsepower, differential
I got this machine from a friend free in about 2010. Its original Tecumseh engine was blowing oil and ultimately the connecting rod snapped off the crank and blew the motor at age 43, 2 years ago. I found a man with another 1971 Tecumseh H70 that was on An Ariens Sno-Thro in very nice condition. Once I got it, I well tuned everything and added a longer oil dipstick with the filler. This machine is still kicking hard and the engine is pristine at 45 years of age. This is normally my backup machine when one of my main two go down. The taller chute and metal belt cover were added this winter, which greatly increases throwing distance.
Video of machine:
1971 Ariens Sno-Thro 10000 series 7/24 Trac Team (Orange and white)


7 Horsepower Tecumseh H70 L Head 1971 built to Ariens specifications
Large thick 70's Ariens drift cutters
I am planning to put the older style sprocket turning style chute on the machine. I have all the parts I just need a few bolts, pins- hardware and need to tap the holes in the frame to mount it and drill a hole in my chute rod to pop it in the sprocket devices u-joint.
Wheel and Tire
Oem Ariens tire chains heavyduty



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