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Toro x 2, MTD, Certified (Champion) x 2, Dodge and Can Am
With the season winding down, the weather getting warmer, the thaw ever so slowly starting to happen, I was able to get my snow removal team all together and kneel down for a few season ending pics.

The crew of '22...

I gotta give them all credit, hour after hour, each piece performed its job/work load flawlessly (as expected) without complaint. Off-season/pre-season maintenance pays off yet again for another year.
A symbolic 'pat on the back' to all seven of them for not letting me down. (y)

Unfortunately, due to a couple of recent light rains, my base is now made up of 2 to 3" of ice with a skimp of snow on top making further blower use out of the question, it's all plow work now. That could change, (I do have a set or two of chains to make up), for instance, should we have a massive thaw followed by a big dump of snow...but I have my doubts, 'never say never' (y)

Even with a slow start to the season, all in all it turned out close to being a typical winter in these parts.
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