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Ariens & Troy Bilt Custom
Took a Troy Bilt tractor carcass, a 36" Ariens bucket from a garden tractor, and a 16HP Honda Clone engine and made them play nice together.

First usage went well, had two issues to address. Travel speed was too fast even in 1st gear, i put smaller pulley on motor and it seems ok now. 2nd issue was bucket kept digging in and hard to steer, i fabbed up custom roller skids.
Waiting for snow again....

First real snow storm usage, we had 12" of snow fall. It worked well, still tweaking it to be perfect.
2016 Ariens & Troy Bilt Custom (Inprogress)


Thought I had guard all fabricated up to fit... Wrong !!
Had to rework it and add an offset to fit around the pulleys. But I finally got it squared away.
Had to swap out chute ring gear from cable driven one from the tractor to a gear driven one on new control rod.
Fabricate necessary belt alignment fingers.
Had to fabricate custom brackets to make Ariens bucket mate up to Troy Bilt tractor. Make engine adapter plate.
Chute ring gear setup brackets & rods made to fit the machine.
Machined a new 3" keyway on the auger drive shaft for full engagement to the gearbox. Original Ariens design with small woodruff key wears / elongates through keyway and causes excessive play & movement on auger shaft.
Custom roller skid shoes.
Wheel and Tire
Serviced Troy Bilt limited slip differential. Had to relocate axle setup rearward as the tires were hitting the bucket. As it turned out I was able to utilize extra axle holes that were in the chassis. If this setup works well I'll be installing heavy duty axle bearings, pillow block or flanges.



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