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2008 26" MTD Pro that I've owned for number of years. It's been a darn good working SB for me. It's somewhat light and has a great balance and feel. So I took it from old & gray to a fresh faced (what I call a Yamaha blue) machine.


The poly skids I made for it really make a good difference with very low drag and (being a solid axle), better/easier handling. I highly recommend.

To begin, I pulled the 8 HP B&S off the main frame, stripped the blower right down for a complete go-over, service and maintenance.

Scuffed, sanded, prepped and painted. Surely is bright aint it.

Applied some black paint over all the remaining hardware.
Re-installed everything, including new impeller bearing (altho surprisingly it didn't need it...proper maintenance). All shafts and augers, bushings, axle bushings greased and anti-seized all the necessary hardware. Even put 2 new belts on it.
Drive belt is a 3/8" x 34.4"
Auger belt is a 1/2" x 35"

Better than new now. All set and ready for action.
(The camera and lighting are not doing the blower justice)

The only thing I find lacking is a throttle RPM adjustment on the B&S. I'd really like to be able to idle it down to at least 2000 rpm after start-up and upon shut down.

I also managed to save the 'Made in Canada' decal.

Feb 1 update...The old girl still performs, (altho I'd still like to get a hold of a 300cc OHV to throw on it). It's certainly no Toro HD but it's not really a slouch either.
In the deeper 20" + snow I've always found the Snow Hog brand tires work very, very well, right on par with the Xtracs if not better. I find they have an excellent push factor in deep snow. V bar chains would make it work even better in these conditions.
Even tho I run it at 3800 RPM I do find the 8 HP somewhat lacking, I feel it's because of the 26" bucket width, a 24" would be a more suitable combo here. It doesnt really bog down, but a full 20" + bucket load will make it sweat. (I suspect the engine is getting tired as well, alot of heavy use over the years).
With a half bucket the machine moves the snow very well, I have no complaints and it sure as heck beats shoveling any day of the week.

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