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Power Max LXE
Just a few pics from the past. A powerful and tough old girl, this 1028 threw the snow great even before adding the impeller kit.
I only had 2 minor issues to speak of and that is the balance made it a bit light in the front and the vibration from the SnowKing 358cc Tecumseh. (Having arthritis in my hands, it would quickly wear me out. I'll continue to service them but I'll never own another L head). I spent alot of time searching for a reasonably priced replacement OHV motor in the 270cc to 375cc range but to no avail.
Always started first pull tho with 3 or 4 primes, I used the electric once, it was -20F...

Not wanting to continually wrestle with upwards pressure on the handlebars, I quickly cured the light front end with solid piece of 1" x 1" square tubing. At first I went with two of them mounted top and bottom of the buckets leading edge, after experimenting, that proved to be one piece too many, too much weight. Removed the upper one and kept the underside bucket weight in place. Perfect, the blower now had an excellent balance and didnt want to climb any longer. (Before the added weight it would basically wheely on initial drive engagement). Constantly lifting on the handlebars while blowing is frustrating to say the least...
A single bar of 1" x 1" x 27" weighed in at 8.5 lbs, attached with three 1/4 - 20 nuts and bolts that I trimmed flush to the housing.

First pic shows both weights in position, second and onward photos with just the one.

The poly skids I made are a great addition, my entire fleet wears them. I've found the wear is very minimal, the drag is pretty much non-existent.
As a homemade (or store bought) mod I rate it a 10, same goes for the impeller kit.
I highly recommend both.

This was my second Toro blower product, (the first being back in the late '80's, what I recall an S-200 2 stroke SS), and very pleased with it. Trigger steering, Quick Stick...two thumbs up. The Tecumseh has plenty of omph, never bogged, their ACS system just plain works IME, not a hint of clogging regardless of snow density.

Here are my final pics showing some pathway making, great fun!

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