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Power Curve 1800
Sweet little 12 amp 120v blower, 18" width I recently acquired. Serial number puts it at a 2009 model year. Will be an excellent addition for my front deck, nice and light, no more shoveling over the railing!

just to add I've used it twice now on deck with 4 inch snowfalls, fantastic and impressive little gem. Will work on adding some pics further into the season.

I pulled the side plates off for an inspection and was shocked to see the impeller belt had been looped over-top of the idler pulley..geez, it takes all kinds, a quick fix, (it's now properly routed in the photo)
For anyone who needs to know, the 3/8" allen bolt is a left hand thread as well as the smaller pulley bolt, just an FYI.
The bearing behind the allen bolt is a common 6203.

There are 2 belts as you can see from the pic along with the part numbers.

edit to add
Geez I like this little guy! Such a relief not having to shovel the snow up and over the railing on my front deck anymore. I find it quite powerful for what it is, it throws with darn good force. Dragging the cord around is a bit of a drawback but I simply have to recall using the shovel and that cord issue quickly goes away...
I'd estimate it's throwing distance in the 15-20 ft range which is plenty for my liking.

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