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  1. General Snowblower Discussion
    I have a Troy Bilt 31AE6GO3711 snow blower with an 8.5HP Tecumseh LH318SA engine. It has a stock 1.5 amp alternator made for a small incandescent light. I have removed that light years ago and replaced it with a much brighter large light pod. I now want to add two more smaller light pods down by...
  2. Electric Snowblowers (and other related electrons)
    My well-intentioned relative used my SnowJoe on my driveway. The battery had run out of charge. He plugged in the snowblower WITH the battery still in it and finished the job. When I went back to use the thrower, I put the battery in, hit the DC button, pulled the lever and....nothing. Batter...
1-2 of 2 Results