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  1. Re-Powering
    Edit! I got my "open" and "choke" backwards in the original post. Hi. I have an ariens 824 dual stage model 920014. I have a choke setting question . The engine starts and runs fine with the choke 1 click from open . If I open the choke entirely, it dies suddenly. I know that a dirty carb...
  2. Toro Snowblowers
    That's not a typo. Normally (in years past), I'd turn the choke on, pump the primer button 5x, and start. wait about 30 seconds and shut the choke off. Runs perfect! Now, it wont start with the choke on, I have to shut it off, prime 5x and it starts and runs just fine but I need to know why it...
1-2 of 2 Results