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  1. Snowblower Repairs and Maintenance Forum
    I can’t find the stator wire…is it possible to get power from the wire going into the starter?
  2. Craftsman Snowblowers
    Hello, I found this forum while searching for solutions to the issues I am running into on my snowblower I was just given. I am hoping I can get some assistance or ideas on what to do here. I am a mechanical engineer so I do somewhat understand the mechanical systems but I have never taken apart...
  3. Craftsman Snowblowers
    Hi all...nice to revisit this great site. I am looking to replace my old carburetor 632107A. But I see many listed on different sites. My model number is 536.886540. There are also many different prices. Would a non-pricey carb be ok to purchase, or a medium pricey, or a high end carb. What...
  4. Snowblower Repairs and Maintenance Forum
    Hello, Hope all is well. I'm currently stuck at the moment and need some input. The snow blower has sat for a couple years so I drained the old fuel, cleaned the carb (replaced a couple years back), replaced the gas cap, and replaced the spark plug. The snow blower will start but stall 3...
  5. Craftsman Snowblowers
    Hi, I just started this up after having it sit over the summer and when it started the RPMs were insanely high. High enough that I knew something wasn't right and shut it down. Thought it might be a fluje and tried it again with the same very high RPMs. I don't know much about small engines...
  6. Craftsman Snowblowers
    Hi, I am looking for any help I can get on the configuration of the carburetor linkage and cables, if any that connect to it. As a potentially related issue, I have a throttle on the handle bars depicted in picture 3 circled in red that had a cable running to it at some point. It is now missing...
1-6 of 6 Results