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    Hello, Hope all is well. I'm currently stuck at the moment and need some input. The snow blower has sat for a couple years so I drained the old fuel, cleaned the carb (replaced a couple years back), replaced the gas cap, and replaced the spark plug. The snow blower will start but stall 3...
  2. Craftsman Snowblowers
    Hi, I just started this up after having it sit over the summer and when it started the RPMs were insanely high. High enough that I knew something wasn't right and shut it down. Thought it might be a fluje and tried it again with the same very high RPMs. I don't know much about small engines...
  3. Craftsman Snowblowers
    Hi, I am looking for any help I can get on the configuration of the carburetor linkage and cables, if any that connect to it. As a potentially related issue, I have a throttle on the handle bars depicted in picture 3 circled in red that had a cable running to it at some point. It is now missing...
1-3 of 3 Results