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  1. Honda Snowblowers
    I have a 5 yr old HSS724A and the chute recently stopped turning to the right. I disconnected the connector to the chute turn motor and measured approx 16.3VDC when I moved the joystick either to the left or right. Then I removed the chute turn motor assembly and hooked it up to the car battery...
  2. Honda Snowblowers
    I just picked up an older but very clean HS622TCS in Canada. I haven't taken apart the engine yet to fully inspect, but sadly the connecting rod has decided to leave this world. I'm looking into engine parts, and I can't seem to find an online breakdown for this specific model machine. All...
  3. Honda Snowblowers
    I wanted the best snowblower money could buy after selling a Bobcat skid steer that I had used for snow removal. The Honda HSS1332ATD is the best and it has proven itself numerous times since I bought it in the fall of 2019. January 2, 2021 and just came in from clearing snow from my approx...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Looking to replace my Yardman, 7hp, 24” snowblower. Looking at a new Toro 928 OE or a 2010 Honda HS928. Prices are very similar. Advice?
  5. Snowblower Repairs and Maintenance Forum
    Was just about to get started on replacing these belts on this snowblower and then discovered this forum. Was hoping to get some advice, tips or general cautions before I start to take it apart. Never worked on anything like this before so you can say I am a newbie for sure. Dont have a truck to...
  6. General Snowblower Discussion
    Quick Version: I'm looking for the best snow blower to help me deal with occasional 2+ foot drifts on a ~100-yard section of a gravel driveway. Considering several tracked models with a max price limit of ~$3,500 USD. Longer version: We live in a rural part of north-central Idaho. Most of...
1-6 of 6 Results