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    Quick Version: I'm looking for the best snow blower to help me deal with occasional 2+ foot drifts on a ~100-yard section of a gravel driveway. Considering several tracked models with a max price limit of ~$3,500 USD. Longer version: We live in a rural part of north-central Idaho. Most of...
  2. Snowblower Repairs and Maintenance Forum
    Hi i have a new-to-me husqvarna 1130sb-ls. There was a little bit of up and down play on one side of the auger shaft so I ended up replacing both side bearings. However there is still the same amount of play. I was wondering if this is normal? My old blower had bushings so the auger shaft sat...
  3. General Snowblower Discussion
    I found a never used Husky ST227P that was 1 year old in a ladies garage. She was out in the woods and decided to have her driveway ploughed last year when she moved in. So it sat in her garage for a year and was never started or used. It took about 5 pulls and it started right up. I got...
1-3 of 3 Results