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  1. Snowblower Repairs and Maintenance Forum
    Dear Forum, I am not sure what I have done wrong. When I completed the wiring and tested the lights the red led light on the switch lit up. When I turned the switch on the blue led flickered as did the lights and then they went off. I cycled this a few times and it would unpredictably...
  2. Ariens Snowblowers
    I have watched a ton of YouTube videos on how to build the power converter to put lighting upgrades on the Deluxe 28. Then found and bought one pre-built online. 12VAC > 12VDC 60 Amps, I have all the specs for the Thrower, Power Converter, but there was no paperwork included with the new light...
  3. Snowblower Repairs and Maintenance Forum
    I figured I would return the favour after finding some good advice on this forum with respect to wiring up LED lights to an older snowblower with a 12V AC output. I purchased this Toro 1128 unit (4 stroke Briggs, 342 CC) back in 2013. It sees quite a bit of use as we get a lot of snow, live...
  4. Snowblower Repairs and Maintenance Forum
    I can’t find the stator wire…is it possible to get power from the wire going into the starter?
  5. Ariens Snowblowers
    After reading through numerous threads on light upgrades I thought I would post what I did to my used (new to me) Rapidtrak Hydro 32. I installed a LED amber rock light in the bucket to eliminate shadows and to see better when snow is swirling from the wind. Added a LED light bar to a bracket...
1-5 of 5 Results