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  1. Toro Snowblowers
    Hi there, First time snowblower owner. I'm into the Toro 724, does the trick, no issues for 3+ seasons. But end of last season the Joystick (I forget the proprietary name but bare with me, I went to arcades a lot as a kid) that controls the chute works when trying to swivel the chute. But the...
  2. Toro Snowblowers
    For those Toro 721/821 owners that have struggled w the handle knobs loosening and falling off during operation AND subsequently losing them, I finally “fixed” it…simply a $0.53 cent lock washer keeps the knob from vibrating off. Thanks Toro…add it to your parts list. Still love this machine...
  3. Toro Snowblowers
    I wanted to pass along feedback on this model Toro (821 QZE Snowthrower - 38757) for others that might be interested. I recently purchased it (upgraded from the 721) and I was able to break it in on our first snowfall (~4" in NE PA) - for the good of the forum! Four inches of relatively light...
  4. Toro Snowblowers
    Hi folks. I recently bought a used 721R. Everything works fine except that the chute is really hard to turn. Am I looking to replace the gear ring? Thanks so much for your thoughts!
  5. Toro Snowblowers
    I recently purchased the Toro 721E snowthrower and would like to make sure I've adjusted the cable on the handle bar correctly. It's pretty simple and I've been switching up and down to test the tension but I have a couple of questions. The manual says 1/16" - 1/8" distance between the handle...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hi All - found this group while searching for some info on my brand new Toro 721E single-stage thrower. I bought it two weeks ago after borrowing my neighbor's similar model (but a few years older). I was really impressed by how it moved the snow. I've only every used (borrowed) dual-stage...
1-6 of 6 Results