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Well today was fun. Last year the Sno-Thro started sputtering and it barely made it's way to the garage. I figured the original carburetor had given up the ghost so I just put in a new one to prepare for winter. Sadly I noticed that air and gas mixture was being ejected out of the carburetor. In the cold and wet of last year I missed this somehow. I assumed there was a valve problem so I opened it up...

..and found the intake valve spring just hanging there with nothing to hold it with a busted valve cap! (fullsize image here)

Background on the snowblower:

It's a 1964(?) Sno-Thro thats been in the family. Powered by a Tecumseh H50-65077G.
Serial numbers:
Ariens 10M5 013342
Ariens 7-10M144815 (I think the sno-thro attachment has a different serial?)

Looking online it appears this valve cap for the Tecumseh is no longer sold or even made. I was hoping for an exact replacement. Does anyone else happen to know if you can replace the intake valve cap with a model like this?

If anyone wants to see the full video of the issue I posted a TikTok on it:
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