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Hello all. New member, first post.

I have my dad's Snapper 3201 from 1983, SN 43210606. I've been using it since about 1999 and refuse to let it die. I finally broke down this winter and decided it needed its' first tune-up ever. I couldn't keep it running without the choke out slightly and I need my kids to be able to use it, so that won't do. I'm not one to bring things to a shop, at all, but figured its' just a tune-up. Two and half weeks later they just got the carb off today, can't find the engine plate and can't figure out if the engine is a Briggs or Tecumseh. because of that, they can't track down the carb and/or diaphragm.

Do any of the wise one's in this forum have that info? I'd like to keep it original, but if I have to replace the carb, I'm not finding those on-line either.

Don in Nebraska
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