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I have an old little Ariens 932001 with a 2.7hp engine. The original carb was a diaphragm if I recall correctly. Well at some point I had replaced it with a standard carb with a float bowl. The issue I had was that it didn't have the primer bulb connection so cold starts were not great.

I found a solution last week on Amazon, it's labeled as a 3hp 2-cycle engine carb. I took a chance and ordered one. The throttle plate connection is on the wrong side of the shaft but there was enough meat to drill a hole in the correct position, or at least close enough. It also has a bit of metal that goes up and interferes with the linkage, that snaps off easily.

I drilled the hole, snapped off the excess metal, installed it and it works great. It starts and runs better than before. Here's the Amazon link:

I hope this helps someone else with one of these little blowers.
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