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My 824 chute rotation has been a PITA for the 17 years I've owned it. The problem is that there is a u-joint that flexes a lot, which means as you crank it around the shaft gear is not always in firm contact with the nylon chute gear. As a result, I have normally had to carry a wrench with me while blowing to keep the tension nut adjusted just right. Too tight and it would hop gears, too loose and the chute wouldn't stay put, and temperature changes affected the adjustment as well. Even then, I have had to replace that nylon gear a couple times as it inevitably would strip and wear out.

I found this video which shows the problem and one solution:

But I don't find metal working to be all that simple and don't have scrap metal laying around so I put it off. Then I ended up finding this video:

Now that is dead simple. I used a bit smaller 1/4" stainless steel eye bolt because the shaft is 1/2" so I figured there would be less slop in the smaller hole and it would look a bit better. But really he's right, all you need to do is hold the shaft up a bit which forces the shaft gear down firmly which allows me to keep that tension adjusted tighter. Wish I would have thought of this years ago, it would have saved me a lot of cursing under my breath at Ariens engineers!

If these videos were people on this site, thank you!
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