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Have an Ariens 24" snowblower bought new in Sept. 2015. Model 24SHO

Worked fine for a year, and was most impressed with that Auto-Turn feature.
Was so easy to use, and worked perfectly.

Not the case any more.
Feels like it has a solid axle without any kind of differential now.
Brutal to try and turn it now.

Read that this is a very big problem with these units bought in 2015 and 2016.

So, let me please ask:

a. Has Ariens ever acknowledged the problem, and offered any kind of a "free fix" at, e.g.,
the Dealership ? Or, ...?

Have always bought Ariens; they have seemed like a very responsible and reputable organization.
Hard not to expect they would do the right thing, and keep loyal customer(s), but...

Very hard for me to believe that their 'fix' by moving the axle cures any of this, as numerous Posts discussed.

**Just what is the exact problem ? What has gone wrong to cause this, please ?

Something breaks, or gets out of line, or binds up, or...?

I'm assuming it is a true differential. Is this correct ?

What should I do ? I hate to spend a few more hundred $ to have them, the Dealership, fix it ?
Is their an unadvertised call-back or free fix by Ariens for this ?

If I do pay, what will they actually do at dealership to "fix" it ?
Likely to happen again ?

Thanks, appreciate your comments and help.

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