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I'm just posting this to provide a bit of feedback on my experience with this model, the 28 Deluxe track machine. The info might help someone else, I thought.

I bought the machine last spring, when I had to quickly replace my old MTD 26" track machine. (That still ran fine, but it needed replacement tracks, which I could not find.)

I need a track machine for sure, have tried several wheel machines, with and without chains, and they simply don't have enough traction to work properly on my sloping lot. Tracks work fine.

This Ariens works great! I've used it after several heavy snow falls (up to about 16" of heavy snow, also the plow berms at the end of the driveway), it always has enough power. Throws the snow well and chews through the heaviest snow.

It's fast enough for my tastes, but someone who has a large, flat driveway might want a bit more speed.

Being a track machine with a solid axle connection, it's heavier work to maneuver than a wheel unit. I've used a track machine for a long time, so it's about what I expect in this area. If you use your body weight properly, not really a problem.

I am going to get heated grips soon.

While the chute controls work very well, the chute rotation is slightly limited as compared to my old MTD, when things warm up will see what I can to to improve this point.

The headlight glare is a bit of a nuisance, have put some tape on the top edge of the lens. Will try to do something neater in the warm weather.

Overall, very happy with this machine.
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