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Hey guys, newbie here.
I have a 930 swe, I think we got it in 2007, its had a rough life. I replaced the motor on the second year due to oil starvation from our VERY steep 900 ft driveway. Shooting a piston rod out of the side is not fun when there is 2 feet of snow. Anyways, recently I have noticed that when I start it up and let it warm up, the thing tends to roll on its own. I dont remember this happening in the past but I could just be getting old.

The other issue is it seems to take a while for the drive to engage. I usually have to give it a few pushes and then from that point on it is okay. I did replace the drive belt last year. When I roll it on the auger housing and remove the bottom plate, I can hear the gears lock up but with a little more force on the tires they spin almost freely.

any help would be greatly appreciated.
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