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Welcome to the forum.
There have been many posts on the forum over the years with complaints of 1st gear on some newer machines being faster than they liked, even after making adjustments as per the manual.

I too found the slowest adjustable speed to be faster than I liked on my 2018 Deluxe 28 SHO, which runs at 3600 RPM.
I wanted 1st gear to be a crawler speed like 1st gear on my 10000 series Ariens.
I experimented using a small C clamp to hold the shift lever in place to get the desire speed, then put another notch in the control panel.
Has worked great for 4 years now. I don't use that speed position that often, but it comes in handy when tackling 4 or 5' piles of compressed snow pulled from the roof or large EOD piles.

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I did that to my Son's Compact 24 and you're right, he loves the crawl speed. I was going to do the same on my 24 but nope can't find that sweet spot on this one.
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