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Greetings all, what a neat forum!

I've done a bit of research and a bit of searching and have yet to find any solid answers so here goes:
I live in Southern Minnesota, we get plenty of heavy wet snow through most winters. I'm likely purchasing either the Ariens 24 Deluxe or Platinum this winter and considering 2 factors. I have a 2 car wide x 6 car long paved driveway and its on a corner lot with plenty of sidewalk to clear. My house is also on a corner near the exit of a residential "circle" street, translated: Mr. Plow Driver dumps a whole street's worth of snow off the wing plow at the end of my driveway when he comes around the corner. EOD busting and speed of clearing sidewalk are the blower's primary reasons for existence to me.

I understand more engine is better in this scenario. I'm also strong enough to muscle around a little blower without auto-turn, I have a wimpy 20" 2-stage ariens from many moons ago right now, its insufficient primarily in traction but also horsepower. Will "Platinum" upgrade for horsepower actually be an advantage to me given that a 24 maneuvers pretty nicely on its own and I don't need auto-turn for drift busting? Is 24" too small? I had EOD much taller than the 21" intake height of these machines last year.

I hope I have provided sufficient information and thanks for looking!
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