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Model 921018. Year 2011 version. Platinum 30"

The deflector cable is part# 06900406
The chute lock cable is part# 06900421

These are whacky expensive, often after a few seasons, even with proper care, the rubber bellows, or cable boot rots away. They prevent moisture and snow from getting inside the cable, freezing it up. So instead of buying a new cable, why doesn't Ariens offer replacement rubber boots??? Revenue most likely....

In addition to putting lithium grease down the cable sheath, I've done the research and here are some close replacements for the rubber boots.

Deflector cable: 110mm extended length, 10mm bellow width, 2mm top connector, 12mm bottom connector -

Chute Lock Cable: 40mm extended length, all the same specs above -

When installing, some WD40 to slip the ball end of the cable through the smaller connector works best. I have not been able to find these in bulk anywhere but with the specs someone may be able to find like a bag of them?
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