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I need some help. We just had a blizzard in North East Massachusetts and I was lucky to complete all the snow but at the very end I noticed the left lever that controlled the drive cracked and is hanging on my a thread. It will never last one more small storm. So I went to my local dealer and they had a replacement so I scooped it up. When I did the guy at the desk mentioned the backlog was about 1.5 months at best. I really have no choice but to do it myself. I have replaced the belts in the past so I figured why not.

I started to look at this thing and I remember the guy saying you have to take apart a lot of things to get this drive lever on. So I started to look at it and I got a little confused as to what is the best way to rip those thing apart without screwing it up. I took a bunch of pictures, just don't know the steps in swapping out the new part.

Appreciate any help I can get with this. Thanks in advance


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