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Hello All,

Been a member for a while and am now considering buying a used Ariens this summer to replace my 23 year old MTD 8/26. The machine is the right size and power (well, you can never have enough power :wink2:) for my driveway, so I'd be looking for something roughly equivalent. Here is a list of specific criteria:

  1. 7 to 15 years old (to cut down on initial cost). I am capable of doing most repairs so am not adverse to getting an older used machine.
  2. Zero radius turn capability. I've seen some machines with only one clutch trigger, and that would be OK w/ me.
  3. Chute deflector control. This is key because I am limited in terms of distance I can throw (neighbors) and need this capability.
Can any of you experts out there make a recommendation? Any insight will be appreciated.
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