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I have stumbled on to two people who have bought pallets of blowers in the KC area and both had a mix of Ariens and Toro units but mainly Toros. The Ariens units seemed to have more assembly or parts missing issues.

The toros almost all have shattered connecting rods.

I so far have two 418ZR's and a 621E with no auger wear and two still have the protective plastic on them. One has the factory supplied oil bottle with maybe 1/4 of it gone.

The instructions state to unscrew the dipstick and wipe and then stick but do NOT screw back in to check the oil which is I think is part of the issue and the other is one is not adding any oil.

I had a craftsman 3/21es and after buying the first 418 project I sold the craftsman and than ran onto someone else with a garage full of dead blowers. I so far have 150 invested in all 3 units. I now plan to keep the 621e and sell the two 418s after repowering all of them. I wish I could find cranks and rods but thats ok. I won't make big money but I will get a couple people fair deals and make some extra money tinkering.

I would like to repower with briggs motors but I doubt I would get any return on the deal. I am not a fan of the chinese motors and it really irritates me that no parts are available but as a whole I am shocked that they don't seem to be built too bad. A little heavier rod and the gears on the cam look kind of cheesy.

I have been more of a lurker in here and usually frequent the hvac on gardenweb and electrical along with pellet burners on

The only reason I parted with my 3/21 is last year my wife was going to try to use it and almost put unmixed gas in it and has a gas is gas mentality. I couldn't bear to see it get burned up so I let it go.
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