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Craftsman 26" 243cc vs Ariens Deluxe 24"

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Hello, I am looking at buying a new snowblower to replace my 25 year old MTD. The 2 I am looking at are the Craftsman 26-in 243 CC ( or a Ariens Deluxe 24-in.

I know that most people recommend Ariens over craftsman however the price difference is pretty steep. Double the price for the Ariens.

Where I am located the price difference is $899.99 CDN for the craftsman or 1799.99 CDN for the Ariens.

I have a mid size drive way with lots of lake effect snow, in what is considered a "snow belt".

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When I realized that the grease fittings on the auger were pressed in and not threaded, I went and bought one of the releaseable grease gun fittings, the one I got was "Lock "N Lube" but there are other makes that are cheaper. The brand name one is kind of pricey but for a "one-off" I got that one. These do not put any strain on the grease fitting that might pull it off when you pull the grease gun fitting off, there is a trigger release that "lets go" of the auger fitting.

I own the Lock N lube grease fittings and have been very happy with it.
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Got this one last year on the suggestion of @tabora (?) but have not had a chance to use it yet. Significantly less $$ than lock n lube but..?
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Should work great since it's based on the same design principle!
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