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Craftsman 32in 10 H.P. Snowblower C950-52679

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I recently inherited an old snowblower (Craftsman 32in 10 H.P. C950-52679), and was wondering if anyone on this forum would have any information, as well as any tips on maintenance and part replacement sites.

Currently, I notice two issues: 1) the axel/chain sprocket has a bit of wiggle side to side, I am wondering if maybe I am missing some sort of bushing or washer on the outside to stabilize it? or is this normal AND 2) I found it extremely difficult to remove the auger and drive belts.. anyone have any tips on the proper process?

With a quick fluid change and carb cleaning this machine runs amazing, would love to be able to fix the issues and use it next winter. Happy to chat.

Thanks in advance,
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Photos really help ... even videos.

32-inch is a beast, and you should be able to move a lot of snow. That side slop in the axle many times is remedied by some sort of spacer/bushings/ washers from the factory.

Regarding augers, axles and impellers ... those are areas that most people neglect or never even been into. Most are rust welded and take heat, penetrating oil and some sort of puller, along with possible air hammer or air gun for shock effect. Takes time and patience ... once apart and before you re-assemble, make sure moving parts get lubed, and if two stationary parts are put together, make sure it has some Anti-Seize between them.
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1st of all welcome aboard. About your questions:
1. I don't know much about that machine, but older units often have some slop there. You'll have to look at the parts diagram so see what bushings are used. As said above, provide us some pictures.
2. I usually loosen or remove the engine-to-frame bolts in order to tip the engine down by the belts, allowing easier removal.

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Welcome to SBF. I found this partial parts list, hope it helps.
C950-52678, C950-52679.pdf - Google Drive
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If the Canadian version is anything like my Craftsman 10/32, the blower is intended to be split to change the belts. You remove the belt cover, loosen the bottom nuts and remove the top bolts. Be prepared to support the handlebar half of the blower as it will try to drop to the floor when you remove the top bolts. Prop it up with a couple of milk crates or a stool.
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