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Craftsman 5/23

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I got this Craftsman 5/23, Model 536 886520 and it is missing the Auger drive belt. This is a Gray colored one and I think built by Murry, any help with a belt no. is appreciated. When I got it home I found a hunk of cast iron jammed into the auger so this is possibly the reason for the missing belt.
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Auger belt:

You can download the owners manual here:

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you may want to look the machine over real good before spending any money if you found something like that already. they are really not that great of a machine
It was $20.00 and the engine is worth that, mainly entertainment for a retired old man, keeps me out of my wifes hair.
i get it but machines like this can sometimes cost more to repair than they are worth. you are sometimes better off spending a bit more or waiting for a better machine to come along for a good price. these things are also prone to drive train issues especially if mice built a house in the belly pan. if you got a bunch of time, patience and a welder you can fix the drive train issue but it is a lot of work for a machine that seems like they have a lot of design flaws. i also feel like the rectangle impeller output also limits how much snow it can move. it would definitely benefit from the impeller mod but even then the 5hp may struggle under heavy loads.
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