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Craftsman 9.5 auger belt

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My old auger belt was slipping so I purchased a new by taking the old in to the dealer . Installed new belt ,still slipping - I have maxed out the adjustment rods etc . There seems to be no adjustment available on the idler wheel of this unit
I have come to the conclusion , purchase a smaller belt . My dealer is not user friendly so . How do I measure the belt so I may source a smaller belt . Or is there a location for further adjustments on this unit
Any help would be appreciated
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Did the dealer use a belt measuring device? What number is on the new one and what size does the number correspond to? Did you compare them side by side? Take the new one to a belt vendor that has the tool and see if what you were sold was 5/8” x 38”. :unsure:
The only physical thing I see would be the pivot pin holder bolt to the frame. If it were loose it might loosen the belt. Clutching at a straw. :rolleyes:
1 - 3 of 31 Posts