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Craftsman 9.5 auger belt

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My old auger belt was slipping so I purchased a new by taking the old in to the dealer . Installed new belt ,still slipping - I have maxed out the adjustment rods etc . There seems to be no adjustment available on the idler wheel of this unit
I have come to the conclusion , purchase a smaller belt . My dealer is not user friendly so . How do I measure the belt so I may source a smaller belt . Or is there a location for further adjustments on this unit
Any help would be appreciated
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is it possible to get pictures of the machine in question and the numbers listed on the new belt?
even just a quick picture of the machine would help. there is at least 4 or 5 different companies that have made craftsman snowblowers over the years and for some reason Canadian model numbers are pretty much useless

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I have a Craftsman 11.5 which is a Husqvarna and this is the same machine
actually they are made by ayp/electrolux just like husqvarna and poulan pro. even the numbers off the new belt would help to identify if you possibly have the correct belt or not. i think those should be running a 5/8"x38" belt
So a 5/8 x 37 would be what I am looking for .
really hard to say. that is why i was hoping you may have the part number from the new belt to see if it is the same size or a size bigger. there is a good likley hood that a 5/8"x37" belt may not work properly if it is too short. could always take the old belt with you to the store and compare it to a 5/8"x38". most stores like Canadian tire usually have them in stock.
Update: Your machine might be the 408007 belt. Add 532 in front for AYP / Husqvarna part #. It is the same as the 532-408010.
that looks like it is likely the belt needed. hopefully he can find a local husqvarna dealer that has one since most of the online listings are at least $50 and that doesn't include tax or shipping. funny enough mtd may have the belt cheapest

OK - swiped my wife’s sewing tape measure. Both belts the old and new are 38- I will try CTC for a 37.5
canadian tire doesn't show the part number needed in stock. it may be best to call up a husqvarna dealer to see if they have one. they do show a 5/8"x37" belt listed on their website but there is a good likelyhood this is the wrong belt and is too short. this belt would likely work in a pinch if you had a snow storm coming in and needed your machine but a belt that is too short will usually cause the auger to continually run which can be dangerous.
That's why I order a few belts from at one time. The two belts for my machine are around $8 each. They work great and seem to be holding up well (if I ever get some snow to really test their longevity) .
they don't look like they have the belt needed in stock and even if they did shipping would likely be super expensive. it is rare to find a company that will ship silly stuff like belts or small parts to Canada for a reasonable price. there is clips i need to put badges on my dart. $22US to ship parts that maybe take up the space about 1/4 the size of a cd case and weighs almost nothing.
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