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Hey all

I’m looking for some advice and assistance with my blower as a total newbie. The snow will probably start falling in less than month or so and I'd like to have her ready for then. I have read up on basic caretaking guidelines and steps for off-season storage and preseason prep, but I'd love to run my following maintenance steps by people with more experience and expertise. Additionally, there are a few issues with the blower that I'd like to get advice on before I start her up. I've attached pictures related to specific problems to help you see what I'm talking about. Album is here and specific pictures attached to specific concerns.

Background info: 208cc 24" single stage blower, horizontal shaft OHV engine, about 3 or 4 winter seasons worth of use. Was taken to a small engine repair place about a year and a half ago to deal with what I assume was expired gasoline buildup. There is currently no gas or oil in the engine as they were drained out at the end of last winter. I have been holding off on filling her up with motor oil and gas until I get the following things fixed up.

Issues I'd like to get help on:

A) First thing – Rust. What's the best method to fight this stuff on slowblowers? I assume I will need to use steel wool/sandpaper to get the body to bare metal and then apply a coat of primer/paint. Areas of concern include…
1) General body rust along welds/bends/edges - - Just looks like surface rust right now, and not as big of a problem.
2) Rust forming on the Auger blade edges and along various edges in the Auger assembly (around spacers) - - Is this concerning or just something inevitable to accept from regular use. Will an application of rust reformer and preventer suffice?
3) Rust on the Auger Gearbox assembly shaft and by the Impeller housing - and - I have no idea how to approach this save removing the entire auger blade assembly and getting to work.

B)Second, maintaining and cleaning up the underside of the blower where the Transmission Assembly, Gears, Wheel Axle, Drive/Auger Belt, Pulleys are all housed. Unfortunately this blower does not have a guard panel protecting these parts from the elements like many do and that’s lead to some buildup of dirt, rust, etc. I’m a bit more hesitant to dive into cleaning the underbody without running it by you guys first.
Picture of the general underbody area -
1) Rust on the gears and wheel axle – As pictured above – Is it alright to go to town with removing the buildup and then coating it with a layer of lubricant?
2) Rust on the Auger and Drive Pulley, Belt Keeper - - The belts look okay but the wheels are covered in rust buildup.
3) Rust on the underbody housing (least concern)

C)Lastly, greasing/lubricating the moving parts once the rust and dirt has been cleaned up.
1) I purchased while lithium grease (temperature rated for the cold here) for the gears/axle/moving parts located in the underside. I’m assuming this should be okay?
2) I'm not sure if that same grease is typically used for the Augers. I don't see any holes in the auger blade axle for some grease to be squeezed in and then worked around
3) Anything else I missed - I've already applied oil to the Auger and Drive control mechanism on the handles.

So yeah, it looks like there are quite a few things requiring attention and I'm hoping to get advice on which ones to tackle first, and how. I think that taking preventative measures will save me from headaches in the future. I'll appreciate any and all the help/recommendations/advice you can offer. Feel free to plug away at whatever you see and let me know if there's anything that needs clarifying or if you'd like additional pictures.

Thank you!
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