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electronic ignition retrofit for 1972 Ariens w/ Tecumseh 7hp Snow King

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I am having trouble finding electronic ignition module for this very old engine. There are lots of listings for newer engines. I recently upgraded the ignition on my 1982 lawn tractor with a 10hp B&S engine with great results. It was an easy conversion. Since my snowblower has pull start, it would be great to have electronic ignition. The engine on my machine is model H70-130158A. Thanks to anyone who can point me in the right direction.
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If it's the engine with an internal magnet coil, then you may be able to use something like this ..... I never used this setup on any older internal point system but understand many have. Maybe someone here that has will chime in ........ the external ones are just swapable.

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Better off with points, you can set the timing.
Worked for 50 yrs....
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I've replaced a failed "ignitor" with an OEM breaker points. The ignitor would allow the cold engine to start but once warm, the ignitor didn't function. It was a royal pain troubleshooting the problem.
I think this is what you're looking for.
Replacement Electronic Ignition Coil Solid State Module for Tecumseh 31-8693

Thats the outer coil, it's the inner one that is the issue ....
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