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We got hit with 1-4 inches of snow in the Denver metro area today. Enough to be able to bring out the snow blowers at 3 of the church buildings I made it around to today.

1st stop was the old building. John Deere early to mid 80s vintage 828 model. It's been acting up over the past few years, I worked on it a bit a month or two ago trying to get the carb adjusted right and figure out the freaky throttle issue. The engine RPM likes to surge upwards when I put one or both hands on one of the safety handles (that will kill the ignition if the augur is engaged and hands are not on the handle) Even without the auger engaged, the RPM increases big time when my hand(s) touch the handles. Some sort of electrical gremlin in there I suppose? She ran ok tonight but started fussing a bit towards the end. She is in need of a carb rebuild/replacement. :( Might be able to do it in 2015 when funds are available

2nd stop was at a building that has an late 80s/early 90s vintage John Deere TRS-27 Murray built blah. This particular machine has been one of the most troublesome of the 4 TRS-27s we have. A few weeks ago I did an oil change and put in Mobil-1 5W30 full synthetic, and then cleaned her up nicely. Aside from some paint scratches on the sides of the buckets from rubbing against the curbs and brick walls at this building, she cleaned up nicely and then I spent almost 2 hours trying to tune the carb to get it to run without sputtering and figure out why this one too likes to have the RPMs run away when there is no load on the engine. But at the same time, this one struggles big time when there is a load on the engine. The engine will be smooth, no sputtering, which is nice, but it is like it drops down to half speed once the augers hit the snow. When there is no snow the RPMs will take off. gah. I worry about blowing the engine with the way those RPMs go. When she first starts up she is fine... If I can get her started. Pulling the cord is very difficult on this one, even with the 5W30 oil. It's as though the engine is not spinning as freely as it should. I wonder if the engine had been overheated at one point or ran without the right amount of oil in it, causing damage? But again once I get it running, it will stay running which is nice. These TRS-27s had the Techumeshimia or however you spell it engines in them. I'm sure it needs a new carb and perhaps governer adjustment like the 1st one I mentioned, since the RPMs like to take off. :( This will be the first or 2nd of the 17 machines we have to be replaced. You can count on that.

Lastly was my favorite gal. The building I go to every Sunday for worship services, which has the 2009ish vintage Ariens Deluxe-30. B&S Snow Series 1450 engine. The thing just screams "professional use" and handles the snow as if there isn't a care in the world. I love it. I love the layout of the hand controls, and how easy it is to use. Always starts up on the first pull even with no choke having to be engaged tonight in single digit temps. It just wants to go go go. I treated her to a Mobil-1 5W30 oil change this summer, as well as a minor carb cleaning (which taught me a lesson about the fuel jet in the bowl, which some of you nice folks were able to help me out with. I need to adjust the scraper bar as well as get some new side shields on her. I also need to figure out if this thing has gear oil and oil for the auger drive or if it just gets greased. Gotta pull out the owners manual and take a look. One thing I did notice though is that tonight with some of the wetter heavier stuff, the auger belt seemed to be burning a bit. Now when it comes to belts on these things I am clueless. Do the belts need to be adjusted or do I just replace them when they wear out/snap?

Overall not a bad night. I am freezing at home right now after spending so much time out in the cold but I did have fun. Came home and fired up (with some trouble) my own little Toro Powerlite thingie which makes me want to cry after having used the big heavy stuff earlier. Don't get me wrong, this little powerlite that I've had for about 7 years does an ok job, when she wants to run... but it is so.... small. And 2 cycle engines are way too noisy and smelly.

Of note- I did stop by Home Depot this evening to pick up a few things. I glanced at the row of new Ariens snowblowers. I am NOT thrilled with the newer design on them. The hand controls such as the speed and chute pitch look very... cheap and the new design vs the design of the Ariens I used tonight just seems very... cheap and not as sturdy. I know i am probably wrong but I like the more classic look and tough look compared to the "skinny" look these new models have.
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