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Fixing up an MTD Freebie

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So I picked up a free Yard Machines 28" 10 HP blower today. It's a little beat up, but I'm feeling good about the engine.

So my plan is to drain all the gas, drain the oil, put fresh fluids in and a new spark plug, and see if it starts easily. If it does, (come winter) I'll run it with some seafoam-rich gas through a few snow storms and hopefully it runs great at that point.

I'm expecting the motor to be the easy part. The body is in rough shape. I'm expecting so have some real problems with that. And this is what I have questions about. First, I KNOW the drive ring is junk lol.

1) The bottom plate has broken screw holes. Are these bottom plates universal across MTD machines? Eyeballing it, it looks the same size as every one i've seen.

2) (See video) The axle has a lot of side to side play, and I can't see why. The body of the unit doesn't appear to be deformed at all. Any thoughts on that? If that can be fixed, I think I can get the rest of it in working order with some new skid plates, cables, normal wear items.

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Axle Slop Video:
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That axle slop is either missing washer spacers, worn bushings, or the rim pin is not in the proper hole for the drive position.

If you don't have a welder, a piece of sheet metal can easily be repaired with some rivets and some scrap sheet metal ......

That unit is going to require a lot of TLC .... Clean, paint, grease, etc.....

Probably a decent machine for you to use for personal use, but bringing it to resale standards might not recoup your money and time.
Oneacer is right, that might not be worth it if you are planning to resell it. MTD does not seem to be held in as high esteem as Ariens and some of the other machines. That may be a better candidate for a part out. If that engine is a dual shaft, it could bring a pretty penny all on its own (assuming it runs well).

Not that I am knocking MTD, I have a 24" 8hp that has been in the family for 20 years that has performed more than adequately.
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