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Hello all,

I recently purchased a few used Honda HS520's for myself and friends and although they were in great shape they had the typical scratches and minor rust spots that develop during normal use.

Being the perfectionist that I am I went about looking for ways to cover these rust spots to stop further deterioration also for cosmetics. While I was at Walmart I stopped at the paint section; originally I was looking for some kind of spray to inhibit rust, but I ran across this can of KRYLON MAXX, it's Black/Satin. They did also have a glosses but it looked too glossy. I didn't know how it would cover or if it would be too shiny but I picked up a can to try.

I first wiped down any areas that I planned on painting with rubbing alcohol that looked like it was scratched, rusted, or discolored and let that dry, then I proceeded to brush on the paint. At first I tried a few test areas, as you can see from the photos the paint covers well and applies a grayish/black color.

After I was satisfied with a few test areas I went for it and pretty much coated anything that looked blemished, including the metal sheet behind the auger with liberal coats of paint. I let the blower dry overnight and to my pleasant surprise it dried with a durable finish, which matches very closely with the factory paint. One has to look carefully to see that it was painted, but from afar it's almost indistinguishable.

I've attached a few photos, some are when the paint is wet, others are after it has dried. The paint was just under $4.00, I'm willing to bet it would also work great on the black parts of a Toro single stage too.

Hope you guys enjoy the photos!


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