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Hi all,
I have a late 90's Craftsman that has been great.
This year it doesn't seem to want to go into gear - The drive plate doesn't come up to the friction wheel.
I tried adjusting there enable linkage but the plate stops on a weld befor getting to the friction wheel... but just barely....

So I got new friction wheel and was successful at getting it out with all the pieces.... but without having 8 small arms/hands how do I get it all back together?

The problem is the chain... I can't figure out how to get the drive-shaft back in place with the friction wheel, bushings and small sprocket in place AND with the washers in place on the shift arm...WITHOUT DROPPING THE CHAIN OFF THE DRIVE [email protected]!?!

The bushings mount on the end of the driveshaft and bolt onto the inside of the housing.

Links to some images of how tight it is in there.

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