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Picked this one up today. Another tank-like built to last machine.
Gilson 55133 Unitrol 5HP B&S 26"
Later style Black & Red livery so probably mid to late 70s
One of the smaller Gilson models but still very heavy.

Gilson 55133 45741
Unitrol (Friction drive) 3 forward speeds 1 reverse
5HP B&S 26" clearance
Manual pull-start

Everything working. Engine starts and runs. Forward and reverse speeds all work. Friction wheel looks good. Auger clutch works. Augers spin and stop.

Handlebar dead-man switch lever has been taped up in the "OK to go" position.
Designed to cut off engine if either traction or auger is engaged while the dead-man switch is released.

Photos here:

Everything about Gilson here:
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