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Hello everyone,
Long time member, first time poster...

Decided to introduce myself after learning a lot about snowblowing, thanks to you guys in this forum.

My journey into snowblowing began in the spring of 2017 because of the blizzard we got here in southern Quebec. That was my 5th year of owning my property and I always cleaned my driveway by hand with a shovel and sleigh shovel, good workout. Then came that blizzard leaving between 3 to 4 feet of snow and my front neighbour just bought his snowblower at the beginning of that winter. As I was struggling to clean the driveway enough to get my car on the road to go to work, he came by and cleaned my driveway effortlessly in a pinch. I was really impressed, so impressed that I decided to get my own blower as I said to myself, that is it, I'm tired of shoveling.

So came fall 2017 and I began to look at snowblowers. One day, my brother said to me that if I decide to get a snowblower then I should take a look at the tracked models because one of his neighbour got a Honda 724 and he said that I should be there and see that little thing go into the berm. My brother got a wheel unit that he likes but he said that if he had to buy again, that would be a tracked unit for sure. So I said to myself, why not.

Thanks to this forum, with people with great knowledge and experience, I read almost all the threads since I became a member and I'm fascinated, curious and willing to learn new stuff everyday. Finally decided to pull the trigger on a brand new Honda HSS1332ATCD knowing the quality behind that name as I already got 3 Civics so far and loved every one of them. Did the rejet, had to bring the blower to the dealer to get the fluid reservoir on the hydro and so far, I love every minute of it. Unfortunately since I got to use it, we had so little amount of snow that I begin this year with only 20 hours of running time on it. Seeing that, last fall, I decided to pull the trigger on a HS720 single phase and it has been my go to machine ever since, only taking the big one for the berms and to make my way to the shed. And boy, that little machine is fun to work with...


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Two great machines, I would say you are all set, no matter what old man winter throws at you 馃尐 馃尐 馃尐馃ザ馃ザ
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