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I took the engine out of my Toro 1132 (a late 80s machine) early this spring and had a valve job done as the compression was down to nothing. B&S motor

Am now reassembling the machine. I am at a point of putting the carb back on and have run into problems figuring out how to hook the linkages back up.

Essentially I have 4 components in the act:
* the carb , with an arm on the side and small hole
* the throttle cable from the operator area, hook on end
* an arm on what I assume is a shaft from a mechanical governor inside the engine
* a metal bracket that all connect to, has Kill switch, slide for end of throttle cable. it has a rotating cup on the engine side which has 3 larger holes and 1 smaller.

which is where I get into trouble as I don't know how to hook them together aside from the throttle cable to the slide. Are there any diagrams available?

I can get the throttle cable hooked up, a rod from the cup to the carb. The arm from the governor leaves me at a loss. I took notes on disassembly so I know how to position it on the shaft from the motor, but no idea how to hook it into the rest of the assembly.

Are there any diagrams of the correct configuration?

I can take digital photos of the components if that is any help.



PS: motor info:

Model 52416 Type 01719-01 Code 85072511

pps Good thing it's only June!
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