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Those look nice! both 1970's models..
The first one is the better deal, and if it runs, $200 is a great price.
When Wheel Horse did the A-B-C-D model designations in the 70's:
A was the smallest and most basic, rear-engine-rider mowers.
B was the smaller in the "Garden Tractor class"
C was the larger and more powerful in the "Garden Tractor" class.
D was the super-duty heavy-duty machines..the average homeowner has no use for a D model! ;)

B and C are the most common..both are fine..

This is the ultimate Wheel Horse guide on the internet:

I have a 1964 model 854, the last of the "Round Hood" garden tractor models, which I use as my main mower:

I would like to find a more modern 1970's B or C model as well..

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