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Hello and good evening fellow board members.

The folks at Hinowa in Italy now have a hydraulic drive 2 stage snow caster in their stable.

"Turbina da neva"

It has a 1 meter/1000 millimeter cutting width with a serrated open cross auger ribbon and
a full width drift breaker.

The serrated auger has a 400 Millimeter diameter.

The four blade impeller has a 400 millimeter diameter but the width of the paddle blades is not
indicated in the information sheet.

The chute and spout are galvanized steel and from what I see on the diagrams the chute is manually
rotated as the tractor operators seat is directly behind the chute and spout. The spout angle is manually
adjusted as well.

The hydraulic drive snow blower is connected to the tractors hydraulic system using 2 hydraulic quick coupler's with an identical set on the rear for rear mounted implements like a liquid crop duster fan used in a vineyard and a hydraulic drive brush chipper.

I wanted in the worst way to copy the PDF picture of the tracked tractor with the 2 stage snow caster and the scale drawings of the tractor with the snow caster but as I am using a lap top with windows vista..........

The tracked mini tractor has the capability to be equipped with a standard three point hitch on the rear with the rear dump bed removed and the rear 540 rpm power take off can be used to operate the 540 RPM Power Take Off to run a rototiller and other tools like vineyard and orchard sprayers.

It would also mount a small PTO powered snow blower as well like the Reist series 1000 single stage snow blower or the smallest Pronovost or Allied Farm king Snow Caster. The Hydraulic system on the tracked tractor could be used to also power the rotating impeller drum on the TRC models of the pronovost or lynx models.

Looking further my snow blower sickness has taken hold and the largest Yamaha V twin 31 horsepower engine mounted vertically could be used with a cog belt and the correctly sized cog pulleys to power a 540 RPM PTO stub shaft attachment to power either type of snow caster with no loss of power for the transporters drive system

a snow pusher could be mounted up front to push snow away from areas with close quarters and be disposed of with a snow caster.

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