Selling my trusty machine, in an excellent working condition.
I purchased it brand new in 2004 (5?), used it for my long driveway for several years. Then I had a shoulder surgery so used plowing service and never went back to doing it my own other than cleaning up after the plowing service (got lazy!). For the first several years I used a lot, I changed oil myself twice a year, before and after winter. For the years I used very lightly, I changed at least once a year after each winter. All along, I started the engine and ran for ~10 minutes every other month so lines don't get dry. To this date, it still starts with 1 or 2 pulls without fail. It has electric push button start option but I've never needed. The only issues I have had were shear pins breaking off once in a while (as are common), and the bottom scraper that needed to be replaced - I liked to scrape tight to the pavement. Full service was done by the selling store in 2014, including the scraper replacement and overall check-up. I'd say the machine was used very lightly since 2012 or so.

I won't need this machine anymore with house downsizing (city living!), so here I am.

You probably know about this machine, but here is a quick summary. Let me know if you have questions.
  • Two-stage track-drive, 9HP
  • Hydrostatic drive
  • Electric push-start option (never needed it)
  • Light kit

  • Original owner with manual
  • Brand new bottom scraper blade
  • Regular maintenance/oil change.
  • Has been used very lightly since most recent service (kept as a back-up to plowing service)
  • Frequent oil change, engine start tested and run regularly throughout the year
  • Never failed to start on first or second pull, or broke down other than needing to replace shear pins occasionally

I can't deliver, so you'll have to have the means to bring it back with you.
No shipping.
Price is firm.