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Local dealer is ripping parts customers better to shop on line.
I'm really upset with my local shop Charged me $30 for 1 large
shear pin with nut, and three smaller ones. Cost on line is less
than $9 plus shipping. Needless to say I won't be buying from
him anymore.

Also disappointed in the height of handlebars, lack of 12 Volt D.C.
outlet for items like handlebar heaters, LED lights etc.. Only 12 V.A.C.
for halogen work light. Sad considering Honda has off the shelf
scooter and motorcyle alternator coils and regulated rectifiers available.

Just bought this unit and so far it's disappointing. Have Honda motorcyles,
scooters, van, and other Honda equipment. For $2800 I cannot recommend
one to others. :(
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