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Very unusual problem that has cropped up twice in one week. Are you 100% sure that the leak is coming from fuel valve and not the #28 sentiment cup?

#28 is the sentiment cup. Have seen many leaks from this due to a failed O ring.#13. It should come off the normal direction. Us a 6 point 10mm wrench. Maybe spray some penetrating oil near the threads and lightly tap it. Corrosion probably locked it up.

You will have to drain carb. and most of the tank. I put the machine up on nose before dismantling the fuel valve or clamp close the fuel line. It's a little tricky so be sure to know exactly the orientation of parts. You put it together wrong and the fuel valve on/off will not turn ( of course i learned this the hard way.

you have to buy the carb gasket kit to get the parts for this. About $12 but worth it. Comes with O rings , etc.

I have had MORE problems with the 1132 carb than any other Honda. If there is any rust or corrosion I just replace the damn thing with a OEM Honda carb. Yes they may be pricey but they work right out of the box. Life is short and I dont like to waste time cleaning carbs more than once or switching them out from cheap chinese clones.
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