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HS828 transmission mount

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I have an HS828 WA/A SZAK 2026493. I gathered the parts to replace both belts. As I’m taking things apart I noticed that the auger bearing was shot so that got replaced as well. I mounted the drive belt and before doing anything else I happened to grab the drive pulley and gave it a wiggle. To my surprise there was a lot of slop. My first thought was there might have been an internal bearing in the transmission that might need replacement. I started looking in the factory shop manual and compared what I was seeing on my machine. As I wiggled the pulley around I noticed that it was really the transmission rocking on the transmission mounting plate. There are two bolts detailed on page 14-2 of the service manual that show this assembly and as I found out later even more detailed on page 14-11, paragraph 1. I attempted to tighten these bolts/nuts but found them already tight. So now I’m scratching my head as to why the transmission is not firm attached to the mounting plate.
Near as I can figure out is that the two are NOT supposed to be firmly attached. In the Hydrostatic Transmission Installation, page 14-11, para 1 shows a collar, pc 2, mounted in between two plain washers, pc 4, with a wave washer. This configuration does not allow the bolt/nut to tight on the mounting bracket.

So here’s my question, am I correct to assume that the transmission is not supposed to be firmly bolted to the transmission mounting plate?

Also, I wanted to post the two pictures of the original belts I replaced. I was shocked at the condition of the drive belt and had to wonder how it was even working. I’m sure you can tell which on is the drive belt.
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Thank you for your reply orangputeh. Thought I was going to quote you on this. My local Honda dealer could not come to this conclusion, little scary.
installing impeller kits, installing a grease zerk into the final drive gearbox and pumping in new grease once in awhile to hopefully prolong it's life
Saw the threads about the zerk, sounds like a good idea before the fall. Impeller kit has been on the radar mostly to help with the wet snow.

When you replace the bearing be sure to use thread locker on the bolts for the bearing keeper.
Hmm had not thought about this, not a bad idea.
I was referring to conflicting comments that come from folks with different experience levels..... the manual is the bible.....
I’m not sure which conflicting comments you are referring to. Did I miss something.
Sorry for any confusion.......I was thinking of the your Dealer with no experience and other driveway mechanics with experience, having the proper knowledge........... No harm intended.......
No worries. Still getting used to this site and wanted to make sure I wasn’t stepping on any toes.
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