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Hopefully in the right spot with this thread....
Here's what I got. I have a TORO Dingo that I want to put a blower on for clearing the long drive. Picked up a RAD already setup with a hydraulic pump on the weekend - got enough rpm, but as soon as the front auger sees snow it bogs down.
DS 50 151-2301 hydraulic motor - from what I can find puts out 820 ft/lb, 770 RPM
The motor has a 5 1/2" pulley with belt going to 3". Opposite the 3" pulley is 5" sprocket going to a 2" which is tied to the impeller and gearbox for the auger.
The Dingo puts out 13.8 gpm for the aux.

Looking for suggestion on what spec I can go to for the hyd motor - I feel I need more torque and can sacrifice some RPM.

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