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I just bought the most dangerous snow blower...

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So here is a neat story.
Eight years ago I went to go look at a rig I’d never seen or heard of before. It was a Suzuki SR20 that used a twin cylinder snowmobile engine (note the giant tuned pipe)with half of it blocked off. The auger starts spinning as soon as it starts up too. I offered the guy $20 less than he wanted and he declined, so my stubbornness made me walk away. It ended up selling and disappeared.
Fast forward to last week and the same unit popped back up for sale and I just happened to stumble across it. So this time I snapped it up and brought it home. It does need a little work on the auger but overall it’s in great shape. It didn’t have spark then, and still has the same issue. I hope to get to it and start the resoration process in the next few weeks.
I’ll keep you guys posted.
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Action? - here you go!
I plan to do a walk-around video sometime soon too.
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Is the auger gear standard 10:1 reduction?
You caught it. The ratio is like 3:1 and the impeller is around 1500RPM
There's no way to change that ratio.
YES CP!!!!! Great video!
Make and post some more content for the group. I’m assuming you have the oil tank from a jetski as a fuel tank because the original one cracked?
Yes, OEM tank is gone.
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You could slow the engine RPM?....1500rpm impeller means 150rpm AUGER...

The 3:1 impeller/auger ratio means the auger is 500RPM - yes that's way too fast but can't be changed.

PS: It's a cool machine but I'd be figuring out a work around for that low handle bar height.
Operating it hunched over, is going to make it want to ride up deep snow.

The hunching is needed to make down force to make the front end ride up on its cast-iron rollers. The weight on the front is incredible! Again, that can't be changed but maybe the front rollers could?
I see up to 6000 RPM on the engine tach. The governor is not currently very effective at holding an upper limit. The double vee belt pulley ratio is 4:1 giving a impeller speed of 1500 max. Strangely enough the belt tensioner rides on the inside of the belt loop. Near the end of the operation video you can hear the frequencies of the engine and of the impeller diverge and re-converge: I think that's cause by belt slippage due to insufficient wrap around the drive pulley.

The auger/ impeller ratio is 5:1 (I misremembered) through the bevel drive gear case so that's 300rpm at the augers.

Here is the walkaround video.
There are some factual errors in the narration, I'll clean those up later.
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The collectors market is being flooded!!
Posted 20 days ago
Edmonton, AB T6A 0P9(View Map)


COLLECTER ITEM, VINTAGE SUZUKI SR20 SNOWBLOWER in Snowblowers in Edmonton - Image 2

COLLECTER ITEM, VINTAGE SUZUKI SR20 SNOWBLOWER in Snowblowers in Edmonton - Image 3

COLLECTER ITEM, VINTAGE SUZUKI SR20 SNOWBLOWER in Snowblowers in Edmonton - Image 4

Very rare vintage Suzuki snow blower, Will need what's needed for a machine that has been sitting for a long time. Does appear to be complete.
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Do you know when these blowers were made? Do you know the history of your machine?
It looks to be in very good cosmetic condition if that is the original paint.
I think these were made early 70s based on the corresponding snowmobile production dates. I would like to know exactly which suzi snowmobile the engine is derived from so I can buy the right replacement parts.
I don't know the blower history. I bought it in MN from a facebook ad posted on this forum. Transportation and rejetting took some time.
That is the original paint except for the chute collar and expansion chamber. I had planned to fully repaint until I realized originality is also a virtue.
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I hoped this machine could replace my YS828t but that doesn't seem likely at this point. I want to try to get the engine governor operating better and want to replace the front cast iron rollers with some large diameter rollerblade wheels to improve the handling. Then we'll see if she stays or if she goes.
I refuse to start a museum here.
I DO want to see what she can do in deep snow - almost 20 HP on 26" width with unlimited front downforce?
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Well they all used air cooling fans back in the day - - -
I'm guessing it was the xr400 because its sm40 engine also used 30mm mikuni carbs and partly because of this thread: 71? Suzuki SM10-12390
But that's not much to go on.
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