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I have a Jacobsen Sno-Blitz 17 that is probably a 1975 model. It was my Dad's so I thought I'd piddle with it to see if I can get it running. It's motor is a Tecumseh 2 cycle. Maybe 2-3 HP. I can not find any identification numbers on it to order parts. What I am looking for is a coil. I ordered a 30560A, but it is slightly too big. I am going to change the points out for a Nova-II ignition modue.
1) Does the coil have to sit over the center pole laminate? I don't see why it has to. The inside square hole is insulated.
2) Can I mount the coil in another place outside the flywheel so I can use this larger coil? Say, outside sheet metal?
3) If so, what are the 2 wires from the coil of the 30560A I ordered and was too big? Is the short one ground and the one power? Where to they both hook up to?
4) The old coil had an insulated wire hooked up to the points, along with the condenser. The other wire was the same length of wire with no insulation. It was hooked up to a screw fastening down the condenser.

Thank you for your help.
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